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The Tokmanni Group has a range of measures in place that support the wider efforts to control climate change. In January 2012, the Group joined the energy efficiency agreement scheme for the Finnish retail sector, undertaking to reduce energy consumption by 9% in the period 2010-2016. The Group’s stores consumed a total of 58.1 GWh in electricity and 19.2 GWh in heating energy in 2012.

The Group is investigating various opportunities for using alternative forms of energy and energy-saving devices and equipment. In April 2012, a refurbished Tarjoustalo was opened at Tikkurila in Vantaa, where, in conjunction with the major refurbishment work, the store’s lighting was upgraded to operate with LED technology. As a result the store’s energy need for lighting was cut by approximately 60%. The costs of LED technology are being closely monitored, and in the long run this could be a competitive alternative for in-store lighting throughout the Group.

Tokmanni recycles waste generated in its warehouses and stores. The recovery rate for waste at the logistics centre is about 90% and in the stores about 76%. The Group aims to raise the waste management recovery rate to 95% at the logistics centre and 85% in the stores by 2015.



The Tokmanni Group’s entire IT hardware environment is constantly updated to ensure it conforms with the latest environmental guidelines. The thin-client workstations, centralised IT control and application virtualisation all benefit from having a centralised, energy-efficient IT centre.

The energy consumption of the thin-client solution is only a fraction of that of a conventional PC and it generates hardly any waste heat. With centralised management of the IT environment and a minimal need for local support in the stores, fewer kilometres are driven for IT management purposes, further reducing the carbon footprint. The amount of power consumed by the workstation arrangement, by the new point-of-sale systems and the laptop computers in office use, and by the hand terminal devices for various purposes is altogether about 30% less than in the previous PC-based system.

In addition to the energy savings, Tokmanni’s IT hardware environment contains 36% less plastic, 55% fewer electronic components and 25% less metal than conventional PC-based environments.



The construction work involved in building new stores and refurbishing existing stores within the Group’s constantly growing store network complies with construction principles that are based on environmental considerations.  In the energy solutions adopted, the aim is always to use energy-efficient and eco-friendly alternatives, and environmental viewpoints are taken into account throughout the construction project. The needs and wishes of the local area and local residents are also carefully considered in the construction work.



As a business operator, the Tokmanni Group is responsible for the safety of the products it imports, markets and sells to consumers. Every effort is made to prevent safety risks by complying carefully with product safety legislation and standards. Safety risks are taken into account right from the start, at the product acquisition stage. A risk analysis is made before products are purchased so that any dangers posed to consumers by the products can be avoided.

Tokmanni seeks to ensure that all the products in its selection meet both the EU and Finnish product safety regulations and legal requirements. Products must be safe for the customer and risk-free in use.

During 2012 the Group significantly increased its monitoring, testing and consignment inspections, with the aim of ensuring product safety. Consignment inspections are made in the country of origin and are performed by the inspection services company V-Trust. In addition, the Group has an agreement with SGS Fimko for ensuring the electrical safety of products before a purchase decision is made. The Group has also invested in developing and strengthening its own product safety department.



The Tokmanni Group purchases, imports and sells products that are intended to be in contact with food. The content and use of such contact materials is monitored with the aid of a self-supervision plan.

In self-supervision of food products, the Tokmanni Group monitors product quality and safety and the store conditions in which the products are sold.  Self-supervision avoids risks and ensures that no misleading information is given.

Besides the self-supervision of food products, the Tokmanni Group also monitors the sale of age-restricted products.  The Group arranges regular self-supervision training for staff, and all those working in checkout jobs within the Group are required to undergo training for certification in dealing with age-restricted products.



The REACH regulation is the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council Concerning the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals.  Its main objectives are to ensure a high level of protection for human health and the environment, enhance the competitiveness of the EU chemicals industry, promote the development of alternative methods for assessing the dangers of chemical substances, and guarantee the free movement of goods within the EU’s internal market.

The CLP regulation is the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures. The CLP regulation is designed to put the globally standardised classification and labelling system for chemicals into effect in the EU and thus ensure that chemicals classification and labelling follows the same principles throughout the world, both in the transport of hazardous substances and the use of chemicals. This will improve the safe use of chemicals and facilitate the international trade in chemicals.

Tokmanni complies with the obligations of the REACH and CLP regulations in all its purchasing, and requires the same of its suppliers.



In selecting suppliers, Tokmanni always strives to take into account the results of ethical and social quality monitoring of activities in the production environments of risk countries. This is part of the procurement process followed in the management of importing risks.

Since 2009, Tokmanni has been a member of the Foreign Trade Association (FTA) and its Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI).  The FTA is an organisation set up for European and international commerce to promote and defend in a variety of ways the values of free and sustainable trade. The FTA runs the BSCI scheme in Brussels.  The aim of the BSCI is to improve suppliers’ working conditions in the so-called risk countries to a level required by international agreements, and to clarify and standardize the supplier monitoring undertaken by businesses.

Under the BSCI Code of Conduct, the basic rights of a supplier’s employees include the rights set out in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Declaration on the Rights of the Child, and the labour rights set out in ILO Conventions.   Tokmanni encourages its suppliers in risk countries to work with the BSCI process in order that factories can be audited for compliance with the BSCI Code of Conduct.

During 2012, Tokmanni actively undertook BSCI work and achieved the BSCI objectives.

Under Finnish legislation, the importer is responsible for recycling and other waste management of the devices and packaging it imports to the Finnish market. Tokmanni has fulfilled its producer responsibility by joining producer communities and by actively developing with them ways of ensuring sustainable development.

To increase the recycling of product packaging, Tokmanni works with Environmental Register of Packaging PYR Ltd., which collects and recycles packaging waste. In electrical and electronic equipment recycling, Tokmanni has signed an agreement with SELT ry, which together with other producer organisations has set up Elker Oy, which provides services centrally and is responsible for the actual recycling.  For batteries and accumulators Tokmanni has an agreement with Recser Ltd, which has a nationwide collection network for portable batteries and accumulators. A cooperation agreement has been signed with Finnish Tyre Recycling Ltd, which collects and recycles tyres.  Akkukierrätys Pb Oy takes care of the collection, transport, storage, re-use, other utilisation and disposal of discarded storage batteries.



Our customer pledge of affordable prices is something we value very highly at Tokmanni. The Group focuses strongly on affordable prices and will continue to do so, and is working actively to maintain its customer pledge.

Customers feel they can rely on Finland’s largest discount retailer, and they consider the Group’s operations to be of a high standard. Customers also appreciate the extent of the store network and the diversity of the product selections.  Alongside affordable prices we have built a comprehensive chain of discount retail stores with their extensive range of products and choices.

Our customer service operation provides guidance and advice to customers in product-related questions, and helps them make responsible purchase decisions.

The Group’s multiple channels bring new perspectives to fulfilling the customer pledge. The TokNet online store was opened in 2011 and offers customers the opportunity to view and compare products at any time of the day or night, and brings the Group’s extensive product range within reach of all customers, regardless of where they live.

A flexible approach and interactive customer contact are essential in today’s retailing.



Tokmanni is an active participant in the activities of a number of national organisations: the Federation of Finnish Commerce, the Finnish Grocery Trade Association and industry associations representing shopping centres. The Group also has a close involvement in many local communities, for instance at its head office location in Mäntsälä. It cooperates closely with local and national authorities from the very start, at the planning and piloting stages of projects.

As part of its corporate social responsibilities, the Tokmanni Group supports various charitable organisations. During 2012, support was given to a joint campaign sponsoring children and young people, the beneficiary organisations being a selected number of schools and leisure-time organisations for children and young people in different parts of the country. Various one-day events and campaigns were held in the stores, with young people from the beneficiary organisations also involved, for which Tokmanni paid a modest fee.

In addition, the Tokmanni Group ran a joint campaign with a supplier during November and December, in which five per cent of the value of specified cosmetics, toiletries and cleaning products purchased at the Group’s stores was donated to the charitable organisation Veikko ja Lahja Hurstin Laupeudentyö ry. The donation amounted to more than EUR 20,000.



For the Tokmanni Group, responsible human resources policies are an integral part of its corporate values. A corporate culture that is rewarding, open and fair is essential for conducting business activities successfully in the longer term.

The Group meets its responsibilities for the wellbeing of its personnel and for supporting their working capacity. The aim is a motivating, healthy and safe working environment that is developed further in collaboration with the personnel and the occupational health service.  The Group’s responsible approach is also evident in its compliance with legislation and collective agreements.

The Group oversees the quality of management and supervision, the implementation of good management practices in the various workplaces and a good working atmosphere. It has also sought to develop the skills of all its personnel by, for example, expanding its online learning facilities.  The aim is that the personnel should be motivated and customer-oriented, should value their work and their employer, and should participate responsibly in the company’s efforts to earn a profit. The Group’s responsible approach can also be seen in its compliance with legislation and collective agreements. The expertise of managers and supervisors in employment issues is kept up to date by offering annual training in employment legislation and collective agreement matters.

In addition to the training for managers and supervisors, Tokmanni also actively supports skills development for the entire personnel. Training leading to a vocational qualification is popular at Tokmanni as a way of developing expertise in the retail and logistics sectors. Alongside external training partners, Tokmanni’s own in-house experts are also involved in skills development for the personnel.

The Group has expanded its online learning arrangements as well, with the aim of supporting skills development among all its personnel. Tokmanni’s own Hermes online training offers every employee the chance to improve their skills in an online environment, i.e. anytime and anywhere. The Hermes training covers a range of areas including orientation material, customer service issues, expansion of product group knowledge, and supplementary information for managers and supervisors, for example on employment matters. At Tokmanni, all online learning is in work time, and one of the main benefits of online learning is that you get to apply what you have learnt straight away.  The aim is that the personnel should be motivated and customer-oriented, should value their work and their employer, and should participate responsibly in the company’s efforts to earn a profit.



The Tokmanni Group’s impact on employment in Finland is very significant. As a fast growing company, there is a constant need to recruit people with the right skills, and the local employment impact of each new store opening is always significant. Tokmanni’s operations also support employment in production and design activities in Finland, and have both a direct and indirect impact on a large number of service providers and suppliers.

The Tokmanni Group is also known as a good youth employer. Familiarisation of young people with working life and its challenges is one of the key ways in which we put our corporate social responsibility into practice at Tokmanni.

In selecting our suppliers we place a high value on Finnish-sourced products, and our product selections include a wide range of products designed and made in Finland. We wish to play a part in securing Finnish jobs now and for the future.