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For Suppliers

The Tokmanni Group is Finland’s largest discount retailer.

Our aim is to offer our customers a wide range of appealing products suited to their needs. In order to achieve this we need to take regional preferences into account on continuous basis and our challenge is to respond quickly to changes in demand.

We have high expectations of our suppliers wherever they are in the world. Our aim is to develop long lasting and strong partnerships with our suppliers to be able to get the best value for our customers and maintain high standards throughout our supply chain.

One of our goals is to gain benefits of economies of scale in self imports and private label purchasing. However, our purchase policy is flexible and enables us to make quick and diverse decisions when seen fit.

Responsible purchasing

In its supplier choices Tokmanni strives to take into consideration the ethical nature of the supplier’s entire operation. In 2009 Tokmanni joined a scheme known as the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), which supports and promotes accountability in importing and monitors suppliers. The BSCI is a European monitoring system for ethical procurement aimed at improving working conditions in the global supply chain and clarifying and standardizing the supervision of suppliers.